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This is one of the main islands of the Great Andaman group. Baratang Island is located 100 Km from Port Blair on India’s Last National Highway No. 223 (known as Andaman Trunk Road) which leads towards Diglipur. The total length of the Island is around 22 Kms and encapsulated by creeks and sea. The island is densely populated by a flora of tropical forests ranging from tidal swamp, evergreen to littoral forests with beautiful sandy beaches which connect at coasts. It has two very beautiful beaches, namely Baludera and Roglachang Beach. For special groups activities (such as jungle trekking, creek safaris, island camping, beach tours, bird watching tours, scuba diving and snorkeling trips), can be arranged from Baratang directly.

The Location: 100 Kms. off Port Blair
Area: 238 square kilometers
Assessable by road (4 hours journey from Port Blair)



Why Visit Baratang Island ?

  • Natural wonders like Mud Volcano near Jarawa Creek.
  • Limestone Caves in Nayadera are rare a attraction for tourists.
  • Bird watching at Parrot Island (Parrots returning home before every sunset is a unique and must see view for all nature lovers).
  • Cuthbert Bay Beach, Lalaji Bay Beach, Merk Bay Beach, Spike Island etc. are accessible from Baratang (in 30 to 45 min by sea).
  • Its proximity to Port Blair, connected by road and accessible throughout the year.

Tours to the Andaman Islands including Baratang

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