Welcome to Havelock Island

The Island (often just called Havelock) is one of the most beautiful and largest island of Ritchie’s Archipelago. Situated 57 km north east of the South Andamans with an area of 92 Sq.Kms offers a breathtaking trail of serene nature. The island is primarily populated by Bengali settlers.

This picturesque Island with beautiful sandy beaches and lush green forest hosts two of the world’s most renowned beaches; Vijaynagar Beach and Radhanagar Beach. The Island also has got the biggest concentration of diving and snorkeling sites, thus one hell of a paradise to marine world explorers.

IDEAL FOR : Beach-walk, Snorkeling at Elephant Beach & Niels Cove Beach, Scuba Diving, elephant riding, Bird Watching, Ayur Vedic Massage and spending time with nature. An excellent chill out, Get Away !!!



Activities at Havelock Island


At Elephant Training Camp you can see elephants trained to work in the forest. They are taught to drag logs around with a chain and to push logs up a slope and stack them on a platform. Elephant training camp is open between 9.30 and 11.30 am. Andamanadventure


Japanese Hill is a steep hill through the rainforest, which gives you a view through the trees of Havelock Island, beach, birds, butterflies and repitiles. It is located behind Barefoot at Havelock. Andamanadventure


218 species of birds are found in Andaman and NIcobar Islands and many of them can be spotted in Havelock Islands. Its rainforest is full of their calls especially early in the morning. Drongos, Kingfishers, parrots & Myna are to name a few. The best places to see birds are along the edge of the beaches, in the rainforest, on the way to Elephant beach in the rainforest and the lagoon. Andamanadventure


Ayurvedic Massage in the lap of the forest can be arranged at Havelock Island. Andamanadventure


Foodoholic’s can cherish their time here with excellent fresh seafoods washed down with ice cold beer mostly available in small restaurants or beach shacks. Those wishing to travel a bit further can make a short trip to the nearby Radhanagar Beach and Vijaynagar Beach where even more variety is offered!. Lastly, you can have mouth watering cuisines too in one or two of the larger hotel restaurants. Something for every budget and every palet.


Havelock has some pristine reefs and dive sites.

  • Mac Point : Mostly hard coral with good visibility. Dugong have been spotted here.
  • Aquarium : Mostly hard coral with good visibility and lots of fish.
  • Baracuda City : Lots of fish and some turtles with soft and hard coral.
  • Turtle Bay: An easy 14m dive where you can see rays.
  • Seduction Point : A huge rock with deep and shallow parts and stag horn corals.
  • Lighthouse :A huge site, good for night dives with hard and soft coral.
  • The Wall : A huge submerged rock that goes to 55 metres with soft coral and very large shoals of fish.
  • Pilot Reef : Big block hard coral with canyons at the bottom. You can see leopard and white tipped sharks.
  • Minerva Ledge : Big block hard coral with lots of fish and some sharks.

Tours to Havelock Island